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Who we are.

IT-SealOps is a software devepment company based in Nairobi, Kenya. We enable business growth through customized enterprise IT solutions. We have over time worked with startups, retailers, consumers, and enterprises to develop experience and deliver best practices.

We are at the tech-front to solving business challenges. Amid digital disruption being witnessed in the business sphere, every organization is turning to technology to meet their customer needs. In light of such shift, we develop IT solutions tailored towards meeting ever-changing customer needs. As a result, we allow you to focus on core business processes while delivering satisfactory services.

Our primary focus is IT infrastructure – system integration, enterprise solutions, emerging technologies and consultancy services. Among our top-tier solutions are, but not limited to, robotics and automation; AI/ML; mobile application development; web design and development, cloud computing, networking and server management.

Got a business challenge or concern? Let us connect and, together, devise an IT-based solution for business continuity and growth.

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IT Solutions
Enterprise Solutions
Web & mobile app development

Time spend developing and managing enterprise solutions equals a diversion from core business processes and activities that impact your competitive edge. Time is money and being a perishable resource, saving for business growth is key.

Let us fill in to fully develop and/or manage your applications – offering a single point of accountability – including cloud and hosting solutions, IT consultancy, managed services, and enterprise-class application management.

Emerging Technologies
Cryptocurrency, AI/ML, & Robotic Automation

Emerging technologies such as cryptocurrencies; robotics and automation; and artificial intelligence and machine learning are revolutionizing the business market.

In the wake of these and need for smart applications, we have assembled a team of experts to keep your business in tandem with such digitization.

Networking & Server Management
Network, Cloud computing & server setup

Efficient setup of a networking and/or hosting infrastructure entails scaling resources relative to user traffic. Such environments are made possible with cloud computing and dedicated hosting services. However, configuring and maintaining such platforms require expertise that our team has mastered.

So, let us setup your server or network and, together, reach our full potential in the services we offer to our clientele.

Systems Integration
Sub-system (component) development & integration

Business grows and so does challenges. One such challenge is ensuring background communication between sub-systems to avoid effort and time spend on manual information flow among departments. This calls for developing additional sub-components / sub-systems. Integrating the latter into the main system can be challenging at times.

In order to achieve the required overarching functionality, our team of experts will walk with you and your IT team on this journey of improving efficiency, quality and productivity of business operations.


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Impressed with our work and you need to reach us? Use the contact information below. We are available 24/7 for 365 days a year. And it is our pleasure to serve you at any time, all time!

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